About Us

Pristine Thirteen is a small business located in the greater Edmonton area. Pristine Thirteen’s goal is to provide high quality, affordable, natural bath & beauty products for men and women. Monica, creator and owner of Pristine Thirteen, strives to offer a great customer experience and small business feel. She and her business/life partner Jen create all of their products by hand in small batches. Each product is made to order to allow for ultimate freshness and quality.

Pristine Thirteen products are now available in several small shops across Canada. 

Owner, Creator

Monica, owner of Pristine Thirteen, manages the day to day making and shipping of products. Her talent is behind the creation of each recipe and label. Raised in Alberta. In her free time she is an avid gardener and breeder of chicks and ducks.


Customer Service, Marketer, Co-Owner

Jen, co-owner of Pristine Thirteen. Handles customer service, marketing and web-design. As well as helping perfect recipes and fill orders. In the other half of her life she is a paramedic and enjoys working on the home acreage.